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Your Weight and Size Are Not the Problems: Changing the Conversation Around Body Image

According to those pesky (yet emotionally charged) little labels in my clothes, I've occupied eight different sizes in my adult life. During the years I stepped on a scale, my body weight had a delta of 88 pounds. And no, I have never been pregnant. Whatever joy I thought a smaller size and weight would bring me was short-lived, and I was left with my relationship with myself and the suffering that called for the anesthesia of food.


Our culture is obsessed with weight. We often feel our weight is the problem. If only we weighed a certain number on the scale and fit into a particular size we would feel better. But what if weight and size were not the problems? Or even food? In this episode of Women Thriving, Unapologetically, Lynsie, and featured guest Kirsten Johansen sit down and dive into how our aversion to suffering leads to anesthetizing ourselves with food and other addictions. You’ll discover the steps to answer your own call to be rescued and cultivate unconditional positive regard for yourself so you experience the freedom of being human.

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