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Love and Money for Good

What if money were unlimited and you could summon its flow into your life?

What if you could talk to money and make requests for it that were fulfilled in both expected and unexpected ways?

What if you had a loving, collaborative relationship with money that allowed open communication, resolution of conflict, and a healthy trust that even during times of ebb, it will flow again?

Join me and Sarah McCrum for a fun, informative, and personal show about our relationship with money, the energy of money, and its role in healing us.

Guest: Sarah McCrum

Sarah McCrum has spent 23 years teaching and coaching business owners to find fulfillment in their businesses and lives.  She is the author of Love Money, Money Loves You, and Energy on Demand: Master Your Personal Energy and Never Burn Out. She founded The Energy Bank in London and is the co-originator of Love To and founder of Liberate Humanity.  Sarah uses her 22 years of training with Chinese Energy Masters to help people transform their energy and replace extreme stress with inner peace. 


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