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Discovering Your Inherent Value: A Guide to Welcoming Worthiness into Your Life

Worthiness: the quality of being good enough and deserving attention and respect. From whom? From YOU! Pay yourself first when it comes to money, energy, love, sleep, nutrition, and time; you get the idea.

Special Guest Meadow DeVor, renowned inquiry teacher and life coach, shows us how to plot a practical course to worthiness through learning and practice in The Worthy Project. In her most recent book, The Worthy Mind, Meadow guides us to delve deeper into the origins of our unworthy story so we can embrace ourselves wholly, come home to our true selves, and unleash our unlimited potential! Join us for this vital discussion of welcoming worthiness into your life.

Guest: Meadow Devor

Meadow DeVor is a self-development teacher with a modern approach to spirituality, money, and personal growth. Since 2007, she has led courses, trainings, and retreats online and throughout the United States. She's the author of The Worthy Project and Money Love: A Guide to Changing the Way You Think About Money and has had the pleasure of being a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show. She speaks, writes, and teaches extensively on how our relationship to life itself is an exact reflection of our deepest held beliefs about our own worth. She lives with her husband in Big Sur, California.

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