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Uncovering the Power of Somatic Therapy: How Your Body May Hold the Key to Freedom

For the past 15 years, Bob has been incorporating multiple tools and knowledge gained from his years of martial arts, breathwork, functional psychology, deep tissue release, and numerous other healing modalities to help thousands of people permanently put an end to depression, anxiety & addiction by identifying and healing what's at the core of these issues. We don’t have to be permanently saddled with these diagnoses, conditions, and labels. They can be left behind for good, and we can live free. Freedom is where it’s at!

Guest: Bob Gardner

Bob Gardner is the Founder of The Freedom Specialist, a body-based approach to happiness, health, and well-being. Bob is also the author of the book Built for Freedom and host of the podcast Alive and Free. As a Transformational Specialist, Bob’s aim is to share his unique tools with the world that help them find happiness, health, and well-being on autopilot. After 18 years of being trapped in addictive patterns and on the brink of both divorce and suicide, something inside Bob told him it was not time to quit just yet. So, against the prevailing wisdom that said these problems are permanent, Bob chose to create a way to permanently eliminate them from his life. His body-based, no-nonsense approach to freedom has since helped thousands of people leave their struggles behind and find real freedom and happiness. In addition, Bob’s intensive power-packed in-person retreats, transformational coaching, and online resources have supported people struggling with everything from chronic pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD, childhood wounds, addictions, and OCD so they can finally take their life back and begin to thrive again. As he often says, “Freedom is a skill, not a pill. Once you’ve trained your body and mind how to do it, it will begin to happen all by itself while you continue to enjoy all the other bits of your life.” At The Freedom Specialist, people are provided with reliable tools and experiences to do that very thing.



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