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The Transformational Power of Forgiveness

Lessons, gifts, and gratitude can be found even amidst life's most challenging trials.

Faith, Success, Love, Vision, Family

Join us for a story of family, faith, and forgiveness. Ken Guidroz shares a story of family, faith, and forgiveness. He explains how he coped with his son's challenging journey through addiction, a tragic loss of life, and, ultimately, prison. Ken discovered hope and transformation through letters between father and son following a tragic accident.

Ken Guidroz with his dog Mumford
Mumford and Ken

A former pastor for the past twenty years, Ken Guidroz designed specialty retirement plans for companies. In 2010, he wrote the go-to book on these kinds of plans, Beyond the 401(k). When his son went to prison in 2016, he wrote him many letters. Remarkably, over several years, it changed their relationship and their lives. This led to the book, Letters to My Son in Prison, in which Ken tells the story of their reconnection, and the story of how he and his wife managed to stay together, and the story of how he reconnected with God outside the walls of religion.

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