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The Power Within: How to Recognize and Harness Your Superpower

What do you think your superpower is?

Join me and special guest Dr. Dravon James for a lively discussion of how to wrangle those unhelpful thought patterns, uncover their source, get to the heart of you, and discover your superpower! Knowing and using your superpower will center you, bring purpose into your life, and elevate your day-to-day happiness!

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Dr. Dravon James

Dr. Dravon James is the Founder of the Next Step Leadership Academy, a company that empowers women to use everything that shows up in their lives- good, bad, or otherwise to reach their next level of greatness. Dr. Dravon is a Transformation Specialist using her Every Day Peace philosophy to coach women on how to master goal attainment. She is the author of Freedom is Your Birthright, host of “Dr. Dravon James Every Day Peace” on Mind Body, coach on the SiriusXM “Road Dog Trucking” show, and an actress whose career credits include a recurring role on HBO’s acclaimed “The Wire.” As a leader in the healthcare industry for more than three decades, she is the recipient of the Secretary McDonough Coin of Recognition for her leadership efforts to combat the COVID pandemic. Dr. Dravon uses this training and experience to lead women to their victory using the power of Every Day Peace to achieve their next level of greatness in life and business.

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