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The Power of Healing: Evolving Beyond Socially Contracted Wounds

“What do you believe about White men?” This one question asked discerningly during an executive diversity training with counselor, coach, and consultant Dr. Bre Haizlip served as a life-defining catalyst for my evolution and positive social change. In this episode, Dr. Bre shares how creating a personal “Blissipline” that allows us to feel through the intersection of our Four Root Identities – race (see), gender (create), sexuality (love), and self-sovereignty (power) – can set us on a path to evolve beyond the performances that limit our humanness.

Guest: Dr. Breyan Haizlip, LPC

Dr. Bre is an award-winning speaker, equity consultant, therapist, writer, and retired psychology professor. After retiring in 2020, Dr. Bre helped achieve historical success by co-leading the Racial Equity Strategic Plan as the Director of Equity, Inclusion & Community.

Engagement for Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest, Hawaiian Islands, Kentucky & Idaho. She is now the CEO & Principal Consultant of the executive coaching and consulting firm Evolution Engineered, Inc., whose services focus on supporting individuals and organizations through the aftermath of post-pandemic trauma. Her company provides coaching services to individuals, relationships, and families who are ready to take their healing journey beyond traditional therapy. Similarly, her consulting and executive coaching services provide professional development that inspires personal evolution. This work aims to heal organizational trauma and offer support systems to improve organizational health and effectiveness. Her track record of success includes over 15 years of studying the science of trauma ...and over 15,000 hours teaching the art of healing. As an HBCU graduate and social scientist with over 120 national and international publications, her work centers on individual healing as a catalyst for positive social change. “Our healing is our justice.” This mission is not only the vision of Evolution Engineered, Inc.; it is her guiding force as a Mother of her three brilliant daughters and puppy, Aurora.

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