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Unveiling the Reality Behind "The Idealized Image": How to Embrace Authenticity

We learn early in life that we must live up to and perform to certain standards to be considered intelligent, successful, attractive, and valuable. Many of us spend much of our lives building and serving what feels like ourselves but is our image. Our idealized image. And with the sharing of our lives online, the idealized image has become more and more curated. We browse social media platforms, taking in these storybook creations, and wonder why we don’t measure up, or alternately, are relieved to feel superior, if only for a moment. But what happens when the idealized image is deconstructed and abandoned, and the authentic self is fed, watered, nurtured, accepted, and let loose into the world?!? Honesty, vulnerability, hijinks, hilarity, trust, connection, friendship…the possibilities are endless—no curating needed.

Love yourself. Free yourself. Be yourself.

Guest: Nefera Broadnax

Proud Black Woman
Nefera Broadnax

Daughter, sister, mother, wife, friend. Repeat: I found joy and comfort in seeing others smile; I celebrate when my loved ones achieve all levels of success. I poured all of myself Into others. Inside, I was empty and was running on fumes; I was slowly suffocating; nothing was left for me. I was surrounded by people but alone. 11/1/2010 assigned birthday ( by me) I restructured my life around me! I stepped away from things that no longer gave me purpose; I began building, removing, and tweaking all parts of me. I ended and discovered new and beautiful relationships. I am pouring into me, and I am not yet full! Nefera, happiness, joy, and love. Repeat

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