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Stick with It and Quit Promptly: Knowing When to Persevere or Move On

This week, we explore gaining comfort with discomfort so that we can investigate the source and determine whether to stick with it or quit! Yes, I did say quit. We are conditioned not to be quitters. We learn that quitters never win and winners never quit. While it is essential to stick with thorny things and practice so that we grow, learn, change, and become proficient

with new skills and knowledge, it is also true that some things are not for us. These activities, hobbies, professions, educational tracks, relationships, clubs, lifestyles, and fashions are just that. They are options and choices that add color and texture to our lives. None of them are wrong or right. They are either for you or not for you at any given point in time.

While we can do our best to make choices based on our self-knowledge, many things must be tried and experienced. Otherwise, we are guessing, educated as we may be, and could miss out on something we love that also surprises us. Remember, nothing is permanent. So, try, try, try! And if it's not for you, quit, quit, quit!

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