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Finding Fulfillment: Balancing Work, Purpose, and Happiness

Your skills, abilities, education, job, career, business, passion, calling, and dreams. Many humans share the desire to engage in joyful, purposeful work that provides them with a living. If your job does not bring you joy and seems far from your purpose, you are in good company. Let's talk about the long and winding road of work and how to strike the right path for you. 

On this show, I tell the story of my own experience with employment and entrepreneurship, a journey that continues today and will likely see me to the end of this life in one way or another. 

Recently, I chatted with a rideshare driver as I often do here in Malta and everywhere else. They are some of the most learned, interesting people with histories and experiences that would remain hidden without a few questions and some disclosures of my own. You know, a conversation!

This gentleman had a robust playlist of American Country music, which soothed me and piqued my interest. So, I ask about his music, to which he replies, "I LOVE it." I learned that he had retired with a pension a few years earlier and found that being at home was not for him. I believe he said he HATED it. So, he bought a car and began to shuttle people around the island of Gozo. I inquired whether he had adopted the standard schedule of driving from early morning until midday, taking several hours off during the low time, and then returning to drive during the busier evening hours. "NO!" was his response. He drives from early morning until late night. He does not take a break and prefers to eat in his car. He stated, "I LOVE it! I will die in this car. I will not die at home." 

This whole exchange filled me with joy and inspiration. This gentleman has lived 80 years and knows what he wants and doesn't. He holds this boundary with his family to live as he chooses. Driving, listening to country music, and chatting with the cast of characters that live, work, and take refuge on this island with the name that means JOY.


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