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Are you having trouble sleeping? So was I.

My efforts to sleep have run the gamut. Alcohol, opioids, benzodiazepines, anti-emetics, cannabis, dogs in the bed, dogs not in the bed, meditation tapes, sugar binges resulting in food comas, choosing the couch over the bed, leaving the TV on, headphones with Schitt's Creek on repeat, eye masks, cold rooms, head-covering blanket cocoons, custom earplugs, escape hatches from snoring co-sleepers, Exedrine PM, mirtazapine, buspirone, trazodone, clonidine, Melatonin, GABA, and a grip of other supplements with names that escape me.

Earlier this year, I realized that the five (yes, five!) pharmaceuticals I used for sleep and anxiety had lost their effectiveness. Living between two countries was becoming more difficult because of having to find and procure these medications, often requiring paying out of pocket. I stocked up in Istanbul before returning to Malta, but it was a temporary solution that would need to be addressed here, there, and everywhere. The energy and resources I spent on getting pharmaceuticals earned me mediocre sleep. I was treating the symptom, not the source. So, I systematically eliminated medications I had taken for over a decade. And, wham! I could not sleep. But, I did not reach for a short-term remedy. I stumbled upon Stellar Sleep, took the quiz, and, sure enough, I had moderate to severe clinical insomnia.

Here's a snapshot of where I started in March and landed in June.

This supportive, informative, helpful app has been like a sleep coach—an encouraging partner. Use the link below, or put this one in your browser and get a nice 30% discount on this game-changer for the sleep challenge!

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