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The Power of Emotional Resilience: What If No One Could Ever Hurt Your Feelings Again?

"I only did what everyone else wanted, not what I wanted" is the biggest regret expressed by the dying, according to an end-of-life chaplain. In this discussion of The Art of Allowing, Jamie Lerner describes the joy and freedom of living your life without having a point of view (judgment) about what anyone else is saying or doing, how to connect with your true knowing, and the opportunity to create unconditional relationships that enhance your life. I left this conversation with a greater sense of peace and connection to myself and the reassurance that only I know what suits me. I can't stop thinking about it. Thank you, Jamie!


Guest: Jamie Lerner

Jamie Lerner, co-author of the book The Ever-Loving Essence of You, can put a fresh spin on just about anything that anyone throws her way. Her unique and masterful ability to re-frame even the most difficult situations is astounding. All of a sudden your biggest nightmare becomes your greatest pleasure as she lovingly helps you sift through the contrast and find that small opening of light that quickly becomes your greatest jumping off point for clarity. Unassuming, reassuring and seemingly without any sense of ego, Jamie Lerner is able to put everyone and everything at ease. Jamie Lerner is an asset to any corporate setting. She is easily able to untangle the issues at hand and move right along into helping facilitate a solution-based platform for creative, productive, good-feeling collaboration and change. Jamie Lerner can most often be seen working with individuals, children, adults and couples as well as with small groups. She never positions herself as the expert of anything and is always reminding you that it is you who knows best for yourself ALWAYS.

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