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The Importance of Building Your Village: Creating a Supportive Community for Success

Do you have a friendship village? Or, like many humans, are you feeling lonely, isolated, disconnected, and without close friendships that would enhance your life and support your health and well-being? Florence Ann Romano provides insight into the pandemic effect on the "Friendship Recession." She offers tips for readying yourself to welcome new friends into your life, suggestions for where you might find them, and guidance on the qualities to look for to build a balanced, supportive community at every stage of life.

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Florence Ann Romano

Florence Ann Romano is a personal growth strategist, author, philanthropist, and businesswoman with a sparkling personality. After spending more than fifteen years as a childcare provider, Florence Ann, formerly known as The Windy City Nanny, is the authority on childcare and family and village support in this new millennium. Born and raised just outside of Chicago, she wants to show people that not only is the saying “It takes a village” true but also how important the need for community is. Her latest book is Build Your Village: A Guide to Finding Joy and Community in Every Stage of Life (Beyond Words). With an eye for marketing, Florence Ann flourishes as an advisor and vice president of business strategy for Yakkety Yak. A proud member of the board of directors at the Children’s Research Fund and Female Strong, she is also a founding member of Sesame Street’s Leadership Council. Florence Ann has been featured on over 500 national and local media outlets nationwide, including SHERRI, ABC/CBS/ NBC and FOX TV affiliates, Home & Family, The Jenny McCarthy Show, SiriusXM, and more. She is also a regular expert on over ten national TV affiliates across America!

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