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Menopause and...

strong white woman and confident black woman
Peer Support

In this episode, I introduce self-acceptance as the basis for a loving, supportive, compassionate journey through menopause. Yes, the symptoms are pesky, uncomfortable, and disruptive. There are a variety of tools and strategies to manage them. But, the foundational element of unconditional self-acceptance is often left out of the equation, sparking unnecessary suffering and rejection of ourselves during this natural and freeing transition to the next phase of our lives. I'm twelve years into menopause, and compassion is vital!

Enjoy sex in midlife
New Approaches

Many of us are unprepared for the changes in our bodies and sexual health as we navigate our menopause journey. Join me for a candid discussion of practical strategies to sustain and regain a fulfilling and pleasurable sex life during menopause and beyond.

Woman exhausted by menopause symptoms
But it's a workday

We are overcome with hot flashes, wake up in a pool of sweat (if we even sleep), have anxiety, brain fog, irritability, and changes to our body size and shape. And yet, we are expected to continue in silence and act as if. As if this "hostile takeover" isn't affecting our partnerships, familial relationships, friendships, work life, and self-worth. Let's talk about it, support each other, educate the people in our lives, and treat ourselves compassionately!


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