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Exploring the Mind-Body Connection: Nurturing a Healthy Relationship with Food

Let's talk about FOOD! It is possible to have a balanced, harmonious relationship with food that supports your health and well-being. It takes love, acceptance, compassion...and practice, practice, practice!

Saffron snapper and roasted veg
Saffron snapper and veg

One definition of conditioning is the process of training or accustoming a person to behave in a certain way or to accept certain circumstances. It is not some weakness or character flaw. It's conditioning. Most everything you do, whether it is for your benefit or harms you, is due to conditioning, which means you can clear it! Conditioning can be removed and replaced by practicing something new. 

Let me give you an example from my own life. I recently was out for a nice lunch with my partner. I ordered seafood and a salad with both raw and roasted vegetables. When it arrived, it looked fresh and beautiful, with all the bright colors. I grabbed my fork, tucked it in, and quickly untucked it. It was SO salty! Inedible. I sent it back, explaining that I did not want something different; I wanted the same salad with something not so salty. When the new salad arrived, it was worse. I was offered wine, coffee, and dessert...none of which I wanted. I stopped drinking alcohol in 1987. I stopped eating grain and sugar in 2005. I stopped drinking coffee a couple of months ago because it seems to hurt my stomach, much to my dismay. I can always count on my body, to tell the truth and to keep telling it, mainly when I try to ignore it. 

fruit, yogurt and roasted edamame
Fruit, yogurt, roasted edamame

I eventually consoled myself with a complimentary cup of mint tea because food is just that. Food. And there is always another meal coming. 

Check out the podcast for all the details:

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